Monday, January 18, 2010

Product Review ~ Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

In the last few months, I started to experience the worst acne of my entire life (including my teen years). I couldn't understand what the problem was. I was using a new cleanser in the evenings but I thought it wasn't working at all on my skin. I soon realized the opposite: the cleanser was overworking my skin to the point that I had an explosion of acne that I had never before experienced. My face literally hurt from the acne.

Last week I decided to start using some new skin products to help turn my unfortunate situation around. One of the products I purchased was a box of Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips.

The next two pics are really pore quality (haha..get it?). Anyway, this is the shape of the nose strip:

Below is a pic of (eek!) my nose with a strip on it. It's really easy to put on (instructions can be found in link above). If you look at the skin around my nose, you can see how it is discoloured & reddish. That's when my acne was pretty much at it's worst. I cropped the rest of my face out because the acne was just that bad.

The Result:

It works!! Out of all the products I used, the first place that pimples started to disappear from was my nose. You can see (& touch) all the dirt & oil that comes out of your pores.

I was so eager that I was using the strips daily. It is not necessary to use daily. I would use weekly as instructed on the box, or you will be wasting strips (they take out so much dirt that there is little to nothing left to remove for several days).

So I totally recommend this product. Next time, I will be purchasing the nose and forehead strips.

Note!!: I have finally found a skin care routine that is working for my skin so I'm going to post all of my skin care steps soon! It has made such a huge difference that I think I should share more than just my positive review of the nose strips. I'll probably get that post up soon!


  1. Hi Shella! Sorry for the delay... just getting back into things after our vacation.

    Sure! I'll do the '10 Things About Me' post. I may wait a little while to answer it because I feel like my blog hasn't had enough 'design' content lately.

    P.S. Thanks for the Biore review... I've always wondered how well they work... gonna have to go get some now!

  2. I'm excited to read about your "10 things"! I hope you had a great vacation & welcome back!

  3. They are great especially for the nose area. Sucks out all pesky the blackheads.