Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 things about me

I was tagged by Kay* of Ice Cream & Peonies to reveal 10 things about myself & then tag 7 other people. Now, I don't have 7 followers (don't laugh too hard, but I am one of my own followers!) but I will tag all of my other followers & that will leave 2 other bloggers. I will choose 2 bloggers that I follow & notify them on their blogs. So lets go!

1. My family is from Terçiera, Portugal in the Azores. I have been there 4 times in my life, but I have never set foot on the mainland (something I will do some day).

An areal view of the Island
2. When my sister & I were younger, we were asked to be on Tiny Talent Time to play piano but we were too shy & didn't do it. I did, however, win an award at a piano concert for being a good student!

My sister & I in front of our piano (I'm the little one)

3. I love camping. It's in my blood. I haven't camped in 2 summers & it just kills me.

The sunset at Oastler Lake Provincial Park

4. I'm 29 years old & have no idea how that happened. My boyfriend, on the other hand is a whopping 4 years younger than me! (I used to scoff at dating guys even 6 months younger than me). hiding behind a Jar Jar Binks frisbee after we carved our Halloween pumpkin

5. I work at a University, in Copyright. I enjoy it but don't see myself doing that for too much longer.

6. I never finished my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. I just started taking classes toward completing it & I am sooo excited.

Some Geese at the place where I work & study. I practically live here!

7. I'm afraid of the dark. I live alone so unless someone is sleeping over, I always leave my bedside lamp on (the light is annoying but it's better than being scared).

8. I'm borderline obsessed with mixing nail polish colours to make new & more exciting colours. It's a very hit & miss hobby. This is my latest creation. At first I hated it but now I feel lukewarm toward it.

The polish has started to chip off a bit..

9. I'm a perfectionist / procrastinator. If something isn't perfect, I tend to let it fall apart. This explains why my condo is either meticulously clean & tidy or looks like the aftermath of a hurricane. I'm trying to become more balanced :)

10. I'm hyper self-aware. This can be a complete curse or a total blessing. I usually feel like it's a curse but if I could change it, I don't think I would.

I hope you enjoyed the 10 random things about me!

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  1. fun! thanks for playing along :) i've never been camping before but it's something i really want to do - at least once. it's on my 101 in 1001 list so my goals is to make it happen! i'm thinking of going back to school too...& it's a thought that is quite exciting! have you heard about that ontario initiative second career? that's what i'm looking into...

  2. Hey kay*,

    It was super fun to think of things to write down! I definitely recommend camping! You'll never know how much you like / dislike it until you try it. Some people say 'never again' & other people don't want to go back home lol. There are actually quite a few provincial parks near Toronto so you don't have to go too far (I live in Toronto too).

    I've heard of the ontario initiative second career too! You should definitely go for it! I think education is useful no matter what :)