Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pier One ~ Post-Christmas Haul

On the way back from my ice skating trip today (way to go excercise!), we passed Pier 1 Imports & I am a total fan so I just had to go in & check out the Christmas decor sales! I decided not to buy much because we were taking the subway back & already were bogged down by our ice skates & other necessities.

I couldn't find the items online but the websites for Pier 1 Imports are: (US) (Canada)

I bought 4 items on sale & am very happy with them:

Glitter Star ~ Reg. $18.00 cdn, Sale. $8.98 cdn (there is a front-angle pic of the glitter star just 2 pics below this one - I don't know how the pics got shuffled - sorry!).

Anyway I decided to make a go at turning this star into a little magazine rack for the bathroom. I'll see how that works out. This is a pic of my attempt. It fits in with the bathroom decor really nicely.

These are so cute & I'm so excited to use them next year:

Gift Box Table Confetti ~ Reg. $3.95 cdn, Sale. $1.88 cdn (Left)
Sequin Balls Table Confetti ~ Reg. $4.95 cdn, Sale. $2.38 cdn (Right)

The wandering pic of the Glitter Star (details above). This is the front of it.

Tree Garland ~ Reg. $23.95 cdn, Sale. $11.88 cdn (I think I still overpaid for these as I forgot to check for the price!)

Here is the garland in the box:

In total after taxes I paid $28.39, so I think I got a decent deal considering the quality of what I got (and the joy I felt being in Pier 1!)

Hope you enjoyed!

As an aside:

I'm not sure why, but no matter how I upload my pics, they always post in the wrong order. Can anyone let me know how to post pics in the order that I want them to be posted? Its soo annoying & I haven't been able to figure it out yet!

The other question I have is how to replace links with words, so that the entire website does not show up. I can't figure that out either!

I'm a total rookie so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. 2 of the pictures were cut off in the publishing of this post, & I don't know why as they show perfectly well in the preview! Anyhow, I think you can see enough of the pictures to get the idea of what it looks like.