Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

Just sending out a quick note to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

This year I am spending with my boyfriend & a couple of friends in the evening by going out to a movie! Totally non-traditional, but perfect for me as I wanted to do something quiet this year.

What I wish for New Years is for people to read & comment on my blog. As fun as it is, it takes some time & work so it will feel worthwhile if people read it & give me some feedback as I go along :)

My goal for the New Year is to become a more peaceful & content person.
How do I suppose I will reach my goal?

- Spend maximum amount of time with people who have a positive effect on me, & minimum of time with people who have a negative effect on me.

- Meditate, meditate, meditate!

- Get a diagnosis & begin treatment of my ailment.

- Throw myself into my hobbies.

I think these are surefire ways to helping me feel calmer & healthier in the New Year.

I would love to hear your New Years Eve plans, & also if you have any resolutions!

See you in 2010,



  1. My new year's eve plans are to do what my girlfriend tells me to. She told me my new year's resolution will be to listen to her and do everything she tells me to do. I like to let her think she's in charge, in reality I tell her to tell me what to do. MUA HA HA (Evil laugh)

  2. You must be very lucky to have this girlfriend! I agree that you should do what she tells you to do, which will be to do what makes you happy :) awww

  3. I Shella, Thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked what kind of camera I use. It's a Canon EOS Rebel. I am just learning how to use it after several years! I thought I saw this camera for sale at Cosco with an extra lens before Christmas. It is a very popular camera and I notice a lot of bloggers use it as well. Happy New Year! --Delores

  4. Hey Delores, thanks for letting me know! I think this camera will be one of my next investments.

    Right now I have a Canon PowerShot A550, which is old news in the camera world.

    Happy New Year!