Monday, December 28, 2009

First post..Intro

I'm excited :)

Well, first of all I am excited because I have created a new blog that I think will bring out really positive habits in me (such as this thing I used to do years ago called "excercise"), and so on.

Secondly, I'm excited because I know that I will enjoy blogging since I had 3 blogs up to 5 years ago. One was for cooking & new recipes, one was for poetry & one was for crafts. I actually have no idea how to get into those blogs because I forgot the passwords, and I no longer remember the password to the email address associated to those blogs. So I guess those old blogs are lost in the internet 'wind', so to speak. No one ever looked at them anyway, in part because they weren't very interesting but mainly because I was too painfully shy to tell anyone about them. I think these things are usually shared with other humans - you know, so they could, like, read them. haha.

I'm still very shy to share this blog but honestly, sometimes you just need to take a risk & possibly look like a fool. At the very worst, people will discover that I'm a terrible writer & I suck at doing anything makeup or fashion related. At the very least, I will have a forum in which to document one of the most pressing things in my life right now - health issues. Hopefully others who have experienced some of my problems can advise me & steer me in the right direction, since doctors don't seem to give a darn about me. I guess this is a new way to reach out for some guidance.

I also really love to try new recipes & then post the ones that I consider successes. I usually post them on facebook but from now on I will post them here for anyone on the net to see. Of course I will reference the sources of my knowledge each and every time I post anything that isn't copyrighted by yours truly.

Lastly, if I ever go out on a tangent in posting here, I will be sure that it is always with beauty/health in mind. Note that I often go on tangents - which is probably more of a curse than a blessing!

Anyway, please bear with me while I try to recall how to navigate this site & do some redecorating. Its nice that prettying up my blog won't cost a dime (while I wait to save enough to decorate my real house - that's a whole other blog entirely!).



  1. Hey Shella looks like your blog is up and running. Hope some new blogs are comming soon.

  2. Hey it worked! Thank you Rob - I think your favourite posts will be the food related ones haha :)