Monday, April 19, 2010

Clarisonic Competition?

No doubt, the Clarisonic gets mostly rave reviews. This product claims to cleanse the skin so well that it will help skin to look & feel younger as well as to absorb skin products a lot quicker. Of course, it comes at a hefty cost (there are several packages, most in the $200.00 range).

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Being on a more modest budget, I opted for something that has a similar concept but costs much less:

Round Handle Facial Brush from The Body Shop. Total cost: $3.00 CND (I actually bought mine on sale for $2.50).

When I first tried this brush, I immediately noticed smoother, softer skin. I use a cream cleanser in the morning and an apricot scrub in the evening. My skin also does seem to absorb cleansers more. It takes just a minute to cleanse your entire face with this brush. When finished, rinse & store. The brush has a plastic cap so that it doesnt have to sit directly on any other surface (to prevent bacteria). I never completely snap the cap back on so as to allow the rinse water to evaporate from the brush.
I imagine that this brush brings very similar results to the skin as the clarisonic. For about $200.00 less, I'll take this one!
I would love to recieve comments or questions from anyone! It would be really motivating to know I have readers :) Thanks!

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  1. hi, how has the body shop brush been working out for you? i've been wanting a clarisonic for a long time, but i haven't been able to make myself shell out for it.

    - wendy